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Portland's Car Donation Program!
woman and childWelcome to Portland's "Cars for Charity", the car donation program that assists you with supporting a local Charity, Church or School of your choice. Your car donations will be helping to put food on the table for a hungry family, putting a child through school, supporting a missionary out in the field, caring for the homeless, helping needy children, serving the forgotten senior citizens, assisting the handicapped, lifting up our veterans and others who are in need of physical, emotional, spiritual or educational assistance..

 Cars For Charity was formed out of the desire to connect the community minded citizen to the dedicated charities, churches and schools who provide assistance to those individuals and families who are in need. These organizations are often struggling to meet the needs of those they serve and welcome support from financial or in-kind gifts.

Here’s an avenue where an individual who may not be able to make a financial gift to a worthy organization, can now donate a vehicle or other charitable gift and designate it to the charity, church or school of their choice and have just as significant of an impact.

Your donation will not only be helping the organization you want to support, but you will also receive a tax deductible receipt.


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