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Why We Were Formed Cars For Charity was formed out of the desire to connect the community minded citizen to the dedicated charities and churches in our community who provide assistance to individuals and families who are in need of physical, emotional or spiritual support or organizations who add to the quality of life in our city. Many non-profits are short of staff, time and resources to implement  their own car donation program. State and Federal regulations make having an in-house car donation program very difficult, as well as needing the expertise to know how to maximize the return on each vehicle donated. This is where Cars For Charity can assist you organization.

Charity Partner Benefits When you become a charity Partner you’re participating in an revenue generating program that requires very little effort from you. We bring eight years of experience in processing vehicle donations here in  Portland and we handle everything except presenting the opportunity to your donors or members. We even assist you by providing you marketing tools you need to present the program to your supporters.                       

Processing Donated Vehicles
Cars For Charity staff will take care of the complete processing of the donated vehicles:

  1. Take the initial phone call
  2. Arrange to have the vehicle towed.
  3. Enter it into our processing software and give it a stock number.
  4. Send a thank you letter from you to your donor.
  5. Evaluate the vehicle to determine whether the vehicle will be sold wholesale or retail.
  6. Send vehicles that can not be retailed to the public to the recycler.
  7. Repair and ready vehicles for retail sale.
  8. Sell the vehicles and provide a 1098c to donors for vehicles that sold for more than $500.
  9. Send a Check and a report of sales to you each month.

Charity Compensation

With eight years of experience selling donated vehicles in Portland, Cars for Charity knows how to maximize the selling price of both retail and wholesale vehicles. Unlike most other car donation programs, Cars For Charity sells donated vehicles both retail and wholesale bringing a higher average return overall to the charities. The percentage contributed to charities is 65% of the net sales with no additional hidden administrative  costs. On vehicles with a net sale of more than $4,000, charities will receive 75% of the proceeds.





Accountability Cars For Charity will be accountable to maintaining a program that is run with integrity. Cars For Charity will beguided by the established Bylaws, the Board of Directors, community leaders, businessmen and Pastors. It will also abide by all State and Federal guidelines.


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