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Our Unique Features
  • The one benefit that sets us apart from other Portland car donation programs is that the individual donating the vehicle can choose the charity the proceeds would go to.  This choice cannot only assist local non-profits, but it can lead to national and international assistance.
  • Bringing eight years of experience into the start-up of Cars for Charity, we understand the importance of keeping overhead costs down so that a higher percentage of the vehicle sales will be given to these organizations who are helping those  in need.  To keep costs down, a network of third party vendors with discounted services has been established  to avoid the necessity of  hiring employees.
  • With the extensive experience of pioneering and running a successful car donation program, we bring a wealth of understanding in how to maximize the potential return on each vehicle donated, whether wholesale or retail.
  • The best interest of the donor and the buyer of a donated vehicle is a top priority in our organization.  We want to maximize the financial assistance a donor can give to their charity and provide them with the best tax write-off they can receive through the sale of their vehicle.  Not only do we want to provide the buyer a safe and reliable vehicle, but also sell it to them at a fair price. With the educated understanding of the used car market, we can accomplish both.
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